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Welcome to Shock Inner Prizes.

The History of Shock Inner Prizes

Shock Inner Prizes began as a small company in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1992. Charles Gandy has worked with electric utilities since he graduated from Tennessee Tech in 1970. He retired as General Manager of the Mount Pleasant Power System in Mount Pleasant, Tennessee in 2009. Shock Inner Prizes was established because a print was not readily available that exactly exemplified the lineman profession in the way he thought it should be. The name chosen was intentionally spelled “inner prizes” to indicate the special inner talents to be sold by the company. So, with the help of an amateur artist (a water-sewer engineer at the utility where Charles worked in Kentucky), the company was able to develop a print that portrayed the dignity of the lineman’s work. Charles wrote a poem that aptly describes the heart of the lineman and the pride he feels in his calling. There are more than 6,000 of these prints in circulation worldwide. They are sold as retiree gifts, apprentice gifts when a lineman tops out as a journeyman, and as appreciation gifts for storm workers after major catastrophes.


Many of these prints have been donated to spouses of linemen who have paid the “ultimate price” in the line of duty.  The print and poem were spotlighted on a news segment in Nashville several years ago at the funeral services of linemen who had paid that price during the Ice Storm of 1994.


Most sales are conducted by telephone and e-mail. When Charles was offered the job as General Manager of the Mount Pleasant Power System, the family decided to move to Sandy Hook, a small community just outside Mount Pleasant. Since there were no bricks and mortar with which to be concerned, the business easily moved with them. The most popular item sold was—and still is—that simple but lovely and intriguing print of a lineman’s tools, boots, and hat.


After 25 years of providing this unique lineman tribute, Shock Inner Prizes decided at the year-end of 2016 that it was time to retire from this adventure. As part of this closure of Shock Inner Prizes our prices have been greatly reduced. Call 931-215-8090 or email for bulk prices. When our stock is depleted, this product will no longer be available.


Shock Inner Prizes will entertain any reasonable offer for the rights of this product to be sold by another entity.


Charles E. Gandy



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